Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold

Hi Wet bummers
A Stich in Time
... is the moral of the story. As I said last time we had recently noticed a tiny leak where the seacock came in to the needed rebedding.The wind finally abated in  Puerto Calero enough to get Delphinus out of her tight berth and into the slings to get it fixed.

A simple job we thought, but as the guys got to work it became clear something was up. 2 of the seacock bolts had completely corroded through!!! Just 2 bolts keeping us afloat. I had been cursing the cost of the lift out (but you know me I never complain).....but it seemed quite reasonable now under the circumstances. We were worried we might have to spend the night ashore but the amazing team at the marina had us out of the water fixed and back in within 3 hours.

Attack of the Purple People Eaters
So boat fixed, we headed out of the marina at last for a few nights on anchor. The Canaries are not noted for sheltered anchorages but there was a good one to the south of us called Playa Papa…

"Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread through shadows to the edge of night, until the stars are all alight". P Took

Ok made it!!!! We are now 600 miles further south, a few pounds lighter (sailors diet ...more on that later) and with a few hours sleep lost that we will never get back. We had a great passage and we are now safely tucked up in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote...waiting for a northerly blast to subside. This is the story of how it went

Waiting to leave

After we last wrote, the plan was to head for Tangiers, Morocco ….pick up Jason our temporary crew member, and then head South. We got the boat ready...we got the food....we got the water.....we got the fuel......alas some Kermit seemed to have forgotten the little matter of insurance!!!

We had sailed to Morocco twice last year but that was covered under our Mediterranean insurance clause. Tangiers is in the Atlantic....only just, but it is the wrong side of Tarifa... and we had no insurance for Atlantic coast Morocco...complicated this boat paperwork stuff. It was Friday night when we realised... we were due to sail 5am Saturday morning! We had…

Getting the band back together

Welcome back Wetbummers! to season 2 of Wet Bums......thanks for looking us up as we restart the journey again. It’s been quite a year full on nose to the grind stone working away as a sailing instructor Kirsty as an online marketing guru.

Paris joined us again last Tuesday and its like she has never been away.... helpful and eager as always and full of 'they say' facts I never new could be possible. She has had a year travelling the world and has a load of great stories to tell us.

We have been busy this year on Delphinus satellite system, new shower, new hot water system, new anchor, new solar panels and yesterday a last minute shopping frenzy to get new batteries. ....we installed it all ourselves so should enjoy installing it again properly over the next few weeks as it breaks. Doesn’t sound like a lot but everything takes so much time !!!. As Kirsty put it....only on a boat do you have to dismantle a fridge to get to put new shower taps on.

We excelled ours…