"Gonna take me a lot to take me away from you" - "Africa Africa oh how I long for....."

Forgive this blog's title it's a Toto - Jaff Mashup!! all will be revealed later.

So where did I leave off...oh yes staying put......working......but I don't work every week. In between jobs there is still time for fun. As most of the UK was winging about it being too hot, too many tourists, not enough carbonated drinks...we were enduring 30-40 degree heat by day and mid twenties at night. And it was fab!! Bit too hot at times but hey the beer is cold and plentiful. And we are in a part of Spain that is really Spanish not touristy. So walk slow, stay in bed half the day, eat out late and drink small beers.

The last one there I never used to understand. The Spanish like beer, they start drinking about 10am each day but don't seem to get drunk..... so why is it if you see someone with a Cerveza 'grande' can you guarantee they are a Brit??? Well after this summer I get it now. Small beers are drunk before they get warm. By keeping your beer small it is always cold…